AACS carries a complete line of Dust Collectors including small portable units to 175 HP stationary systems

Portable Cyclone Dust Collectors

These are compact and sturdy portable cyclone dust collectors, suitable for medium amounts of fine and very fine dust of wood, metal, paper, chemicals and plastics, etc. Each unit has one cyclone section, six small top bags, one connector sleeve and one collection drum.



Type “A”

These dust collectors come in 15 HP to 175 HP sizes, for truck loading with regular gates, fast emptying swing gates or bin collection with our without a rotary air lock. The normal storage area can be increased to suit your requirements. The motor/blower assembly can be placed on the ground for easy maintenance or on a stand beside the filter section. All models have motorized filter shakers, explosion relief doors and a sprinkler head in the filter section. A fire damper and spark detection system can be added.

Type “B”

This sturdy inside/outside dust collector, from 5 HP to 40 HP, comes in 8 different configurations: with drums or with air locks for bin loading. All models have a sprinkler head in the filter section. One explosion relief door is an option. The “B” unit is available with 8″ Ø filter bags for coarse dust, chips and large shavings or 5″ Ø for fine dust. All units have a motorized filter shaker, from 0.5 HP to 1.5 HP. The collector is made from 14 ga. HRS and 16 ga. CRS, with a high gloss machinery paint finish over primer.